About Rosalind Bakery

Rosalind Bakery specializes in baking naturally leavened loaves of organic bread.  We began our quest for crust as a cottage food operation in the fall of 2016. The name `Rosalind` was chosen in honor of the founder's grandmother, Mom-Mom Roz.  She loves a good rye bread.

Mom-Mom Roz aka "GG"Mom Mom Roz on her 80th Birthday circa 2006.

Rosalind Bakery currently produces bread twice each week, on Wednesday and on Saturday. Usually it's on the shelves before 10:00 AM.  You can find our bread at these wonderful vendors.  Visit us at our booth at the Coastside Farmers Markets in Pacifica and Half Moon Bay.

Tony VChief Baker Tony V
Matt KBakery Founder Matt K


Website photography by Rachel Styer and Rosalind Bakery. Grain illustrations on the homepage by Aimee Lusty